25. My First Magic: the Gathering Tournament

Last night, I participated in my first Magic: the Gathering tournament. For those who don’t know, Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game. When you collect cards, you can build your own deck and play a strategy game.


Magic the Gathering is like a cross between chess and poker (chess in that the cards you use have specific abilities, poker in that you want to hide your cards from your opponent). VERY FUN!


I didn’t realize so many took Magic: the Gathering seriously. For me, the game is simply a fun activity to do with friends. But at the tournament, it was a lifestyle. Some had been playing between 10 and 15 years! So naturally they knew everything, including the fact that half my deck was illegal.

Despite my vigilant battle efforts (pun intended), I didn’t win a single game. My opponents had too many great cards and too much experience for my amateur abilities. Despite losing everything, though, I still graciously accepted my participation award (1 booster pack/15 random cards).

My take-home from last night was the experience. I was exposed to great players in a beautiful (but geeky) atmosphere. Untamed Worlds was a great host, and for those of you who like comic books, board games, or collectibles, Untamed Worlds is the place to be.

They host weekly Magic: the Gathering tournaments, and I plan to compete in as many as I can.

So what do you guys think? Should I consider Magic: the Gathering only a hobby? Or should I make it a lifestyle?

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