33. Reasons to Love Action, Adventure and the Uncharted Series

Action/Adventure video games are my favorite.

I first fell in love with the genre when I played Tomb Raider, a game about a young woman unraveling a mystery about an ancient island. The action combined with the puzzles, cool characters, and interesting plot made the gaming experience incredibly enjoyable.

My passion for action games has grown even more after playing Uncharted and Uncharted 2 (remastered for PlayStation 4). I’m currently playing Uncharted 3, and I can’t see my passion diminishing anytime soon.

I had reasons for buying a PS4, and those reasons are becoming clearer as I progress through the Nathan Drake Collection.

uncharted-drake-collection-header (1)

A friend of mine reminded me of something that rather shocked me:

The only PS4 games I’ve played have been remastered ones; I haven’t actually played any games specifically designed for the PS4.

Despite this, I’m still mesmerized by the graphics and gameplay of the Nathan Drake Collection. Although build for the PlayStation 3, the games transfer their content quite nicely.

Once the fourth and final Uncharted game is released (May 10, 2016), I will hopefully experience the PS4 in its full potential.

Check out the trailer for the new game.


What’s your favorite video game genre? Why do you like it? If you’re an Uncharted fan, what are your expectations for the new game?

Comments are Welcomed 

27. Lego Star Wars, The Force Awakens, and High Anticipation

Lego Star Wars

I distinctly remember playing Lego Star Wars as a kid. I remember playing the GameCube and GAMEBOY versions. AND BEATING THEM BOTH. The concept of collaborating Legos with science fiction’s greatest story simply astounded me.

I am pleased to inform you that Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost here!

I watched the movie on Christmas Eve, and I thought it was the best Star Wars yet. It will be interesting to see how the movie adapts into the Lego video game format.

There is something I believe will change, though. Unlike The Complete Saga, The Force Awakens might actually contain character voices. The original Lego games only had mumbles and grunts to simulate dialog. Recent Lego games like Lord of the Rings and Marvel Super Heroes contain character voices; I’m hoping they do the same with The Force Awakens.

A great part about the Lego games is the humor. Without funny cut scenes, the Lego games wouldn’t be as enjoyable. It provides comic relief and sustainable content for an enjoyable video game experience.

I’m definitely looking forward to buying this game.

What do you guys think? What do you guys like about Lego video games? What are some anticipations for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Comments are encouraged.



17.Video Game Club Beginning in 2016

Lingering Lamb Update: As my first college semester comes to an end, I feel like it is appropriate for my blog to take its first break. After a long three months of school, I feel the need to spend some quality time with my family (away from the computer). The Lingering Lamb will return on December 22, 2015 (next Tuesday).

As I was painting the new youth room at my church, my fellow painters and I discussed ways to reach out to the community and how to help fulfill the Great Commission. I was immediately reminded of something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: I’ve wanted to host a Video Game Club.

video game club image 1


Video games are incredible ice breakers. Honestly, if two people have a common love for video games, then nothing, not even religious or political affiliation, can separate their friendship. I personally believe that evangelizing should be done casually, and without an extremely awkward approach (*cough cough* street evangelizing). Since friendships are easily created through video games, then why not use video games as a means to evangelize?

Come 2016, I will be co-hosting a gaming club that will feature all kinds of gaming systems. We will probably primarily be playing modern consoles (PS4, Wii, etc). But every once in a while, I want the club to feature the Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, and other classics. I want to include the old consoles to celebrate the old stuff and to give the senior attendees something more familiar. Hehe!

All in all, though, I just want it to be a fun time of fellowship and gaming… and to hopefully meet new people who have as much of a passion for video games as I do.

(I will announce official dates on this blog once the Video Game club is fully organized, so BE READY)

So what do you guys think? Is a video game club a good idea? If so, what would make the club exceptionally fun? More so, how might someone use video games as a means to evangelize or get to know people? You’re feedback is much appreciated.

Again, the Lingering Lamb will take a one week break and return on December 22, 2015. However, although I won’t be posting until the 22nd, I will definitely reply to any comments.



14. When is Free too Free in RPG Gaming?

blog 14 image

For those of you who don’t know what RPG stands for, let me define… 🙂

R.P.G. stands for Role-Playing-Game. It’s a game where a player assumes the role of a character, and makes decisions throughout that effect the game’s outcome. So it’s basically like real life. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s what I want to ask, though: the freedom in RPGs are great, but when is the freedom too free? When do the choices become so tedious that they annihilate the story altogether?

There are two kinds of RPGs: there are games like Fable (a personal favorite), where the players determine how to go about the story; and then there are games like Skyrim, where the player literally dictates the plot for himself. For example, in Skyrim, you can choose to join the Imperial Army or the Stormcloaks. Before you know what you’re getting into, though, you have to decide, through hours of investigation, which side to fight for.

I personally prefer RPGs with set stories, whose conclusions are the same regardless of choices. Too much open-world stuff requires hours and hours of time, and (IN MY OPINION) little satisfaction.

Although they have cool concepts and fabulous art, Skyrim and Dragon Age just don’t satisfy my gaming preferences. I need games with interesting plot and relatable (solid) characters. In large open-world RPGs, story and character are as bland as the players who create them.

But then again, this is only my opinion. These elements are what I value in RPG gaming; and open-world RPGs (like Skyrim) jeopardize these values.

What do you guys think? What are the pros and cons of RPG games? What should gamers be looking for in them?



11. Three Things That Make an Action/Adventure Game Great

What makes a video game great? More so, what makes an action/adventure video game great?

As you all know, I recently bought the PlayStation4 Uncharted bundle. The bundle consists of all the Uncharted games: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception. I’ve always heard the Uncharted series was good, but it was until a few days ago that I finally experienced it.


It didn’t take me long to finish Drake’s Fortune. Although the controls were some-what “odd” I can’t deny the brilliance of the game. It took me 6 or 7 hours to complete it, and after I finished, I froze in front of the screen, bewildered.

You guys know that feeling after finishing a good book? The satisfaction I felt after the game was the same: mind-blown and sort of bittersweet (you readers know what I’m talking about).

In my opinion, an action/adventure game needs three things to be great, and Drake’s Fortune had a lot of these:

ONE: Action

No, I’m not just talking about guns, fast cars, and a bunch of explosives (although those are important too). I’m talking about the slow motion action that captures the intensity of a given moment. For example, in Tomb Raider, I get enthralled when Laura Croft jumps off the falling building into the helicopter. It’s a moment in the game where the player is put on the edge of his seat, and hopes for the best.

TWO: Combat

Every action/adventure game has killing (sorry mom).

Personally, I like games that require various types of attacks. Depending on the situation, it might be appropriate to throw grenades into crowds of enemies, or use stealth to take down enemies one by one.

“Unfortunately,” Drake’s Fortune lacked any kind of stealth (which would have been very helpful). Whenever I would kill a bad guy, suddenly the whole neighborhood knew exactly where I was. I’m hoping the other games introduce more options for fighting.

The combat was good, just not great. It’s the only thing (as far as I’m concerned) that prevented it from being an outstanding game.

THREE: Story

Stories are in everything, and I believe it’s the most important part about an action/adventure video game (or video games in general).

Let me explain something: I like playing video games because it’s like reading. When I read, I throw myself into a new world with new people. Likewise, I game to accomplish the same results.


So that’s what I value in action/adventure games… What are other things that make gaming great?

I encourage comments 

8. I’m Buying a PlayStation 4

I’ve been asking different gamer geeks what they thought about Sony’s PlayStation 4. Overall, gamers seem to enjoy the PS4 remarkably more than its competitor, the Xbox ONE. Even after both systems were upgraded, IGN (Imagine Games Network) ranked the PS4 higher than the Xbox ONE.

So after consulting fellow gamers, and after a few hours of study, I’ve decided to purchase the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Wallpaper

My very first gaming console was the original PlayStation, and it was great. But as I grew older, the GameCube, Wii, and Xbox began taking over. In fact, the Xbox 360 is probably my favorite console yet. So why, after all these years, switch back to PlayStation?

Honestly, it came down to the games. Above all else, I wanted a console that made its games its primary focus. And Sony did exactly that… PS4 exclusives such as The Last of Us, Until Dawn, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the FINAL FANTASY 7 remake look too beautiful to ignore. I would hate to buy an Xbox ONE and be deprived of the privileges these games offered.

And it’s not that the Xbox ONE doesn’t have good games. They do (sorta). It’s just that Microsoft is trying too hard to deliver “the next big thing” in the entertainment industry instead of focusing on the GAMES. Philip Greitsch, who wrote an article for IGN, said, “If you compare the PS4 and the Xbox ONE, the PS4 seems more powerful for gaming, whereas the Xbox ONE seeks to offer an all-in media solution.” (Xbox ONE vs PlayStation 4—Which is the Better Next-Gen Console? by Philip Greitsch—trendblog.net)

In my opinion, video games are all about the GAMES. Although I will occasionally use Netflix, Hulu, and Crunch Role, they are not deciding factors when choosing a new console. When I buy a system, I want my invested to be in the games.

The internet side of the PS4 might not look great from the outside, but once engaged in the full PlayStation Plus experience, gamers have a blast. One of my friends who owns a PS4 said, “I was upset at first because I didn’t want to pay for online features, but when I realized the benefits that PlayStation Plus offered, I was thrilled!” One of the coolest PlayStation Plus benefits is that users get two FREE games a month… BEAT THAT, Microsoft!

So what do you guys think? Is my decision to buy a PlayStation 4 instead of an Xbox ONE a good one? Are my reasons valid? Why or why not?

5. Essential Gaming Before Spring

My previous post was on books, so it’s only right for today’s to be about video games

Essential Gaming Before Spring:

ONE: Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)


A friend from church lent me this game (yes… I got Resident Evil from C-H-U-R-C-H).

The story centers around Leon, a sinister investigator on a mission to recover the president’s daughter. The plot seems cliché, but if it has compelling characters and suspense, then I’m all game.

The only negative is the controls. But this factor only affects me because I’m used to Call of Duty and Mass Effect. Switching from those controls to Resident Evil’s box controls is quite a transition.

TWO: Mass Effect 2 and 3 (Xbox 360)


I bought the whole trilogy last year, but have only managed to finish the first game. The original Mass Effect didn’t impress me, and I feared the second game would bring the same result.

However, when I started Mass Effect 2, I was instantly hooked. Everything about the game (story/ characters/controls) exceeded its predecessor, and redeemed the series.

If it had not been for school, I would have finished both Mass Effect 2 and 3 by now. SO I’M EXCITED TO GET BACK INTO IT!

THREE: Borderlands (Xbox 360)


A cool part about this game is the art style… I describe it as: papery-cartoonish. According to Keven VanOrd, author of an article concerning the art, “The Borderlands games are cel-shaded” (whatever the heck that means)

Honestly since I haven’t played it, there’s not much I can say regarding its story and characters. But I’m looking forward to discovering what this game is about, and maybe even writing about it in the future.

FOUR: Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)


If you know me, you have probably heard me rant about Tomb Raider. It is by far my favorite game, and before the sequel comes out, I’m determined to play this once more!

Laura Croft (pronounced L-A-R-A), the protagonist, starts off as a super attractive explorer who’s searching for the lost city of Yamatai. Suddenly, a mysterious tempest wrecks the ship, and strands her and her team on a mysterious island. In attempts to escape the island, Laura unlocks secrets about both the island and the dangers that lurk within the hearts of her companions. (no spoilers)

The best part about Tomb Raider is Laura Croft. At first she’s cute, insecure, and everything a dude wants for a girlfriend. As the game progresses, however, Laura develops survival instincts, and inflicts damage with heavy-duty melee weapons. Yeah… She’s awesome. I mean… JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Laura Croft

Tomb Raider is nothing short of AMAZING.

FIVE: The Last of Us (PS4)


According to the Game Critics at EA, this game was the best of the year. Their endorsement proved correct when the game sold over 3.4 million copies the first three weeks of the release.

Like Tomb Raider, The Last of Us is my kind of game. I prefer combinations of action, stealth, and a whole lot of suspense. I’ve only played about three hours of this game, but I can’t wait to continue.


Until my next post, what are some good games you guys are playing? Are there any games that I should play?

2. FIVE Gamecube Games that Shaped my Childhood

Video games have a special place in my heart. They are my remedy after boring days of school, exciting activities during sleepovers, and the inspiration for many intellectual conversations. Yes… unlike “mature” people, who prefer to discuss school, politics, and careers, I find discussions about Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Pokémon much more fulfilling.

One of my earliest Christmas memories was the morning I opened a mysterious box. Inside was a Gamecube.


I actually still have the console, only most of the wires are missing. Nonetheless, I played my Gamecube many a night, and some of those nights turned into lasting memories.

So as tribute to my ol’ Gamecube, here are my TOP 5 favorite games that shaped my childhood:

FIVE: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun


I grew up playing Halo, and I was fascinated with the Multiplayer mode. MOH: Rising Sun was my first shooter game, and although the story kinda stunk, the multiplayer was BOSS!

The idea of hunting people down was fascinating. Until I bought MOH: Rising Sun, I would run around my back yard with an air-soft pistol and shoot trees. FUN!



High-speed racing, legendary—impossible—tricks, and the biggest bails in gaming, SSX 3 provides its players with bone-breaking fun (that was the lamest oxymoron, but it sounded cool ;)).

A great thing about this game is its variety of characters. Although my primary rider was Griff, I enjoyed playing as the other humorous characters.

THREE: Super Smash Bros. Melee


This was a great game to play if I was mad at my brother… When we played together, I would always win. For those of you who don’t know anything about SSBM, it basically combines Nintendo characters (even a few Pokémon) into a massive brawl. HOW AWESOME?!

More than anything, though, this game provided a pedestal for popularity at school. All my friends had SSBM, and unless I had it, I feared rejection.

TWO: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


Yes, we have all seen the movies. But for me, nothing brought Middle Earth to life more than the game. You can play as anyone from the fellowship (including Sam, Merry, Pippin, and Frodo) as they battle the evil forces of Mordor. I beat this game probably three or four times, and it never got old.

My favorite part about this game was its cooperative play. Few things were cooler than killing orcs alongside your best friend. 😉

ONE: Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup


Yes… I am a serious, die-hard Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books, seen the movies, and still have emotion breakdowns over Harry’s decision to marry Ginny instead of Hermione.

Anyway, one of my favorite elements in Harry Potter is the wizarding game, Quidditch. If you are like me, dying to take flight on a broomstick, then this game will satisfy.

The reason Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup is number ONE, though, is because of its sentimental value. When my cousin, Josiah was visiting from Ecuador, this game was our sanctuary; nothing ignited our imaginations more, or brought us closer together (except for maybe sword fights with plastic light-sabers). Most of my memories with him—good and bad—involved this game.


WHAT?! No Legend of Zelda or Metroid games?!

Yes, I know what you might be thinking… Although I love those games, they didn’t impact my childhood as much as these FIVE. But don’t worry… It won’t be long until I write an article about those.

Until then, I want to know what you guys think…

What are some Gamecube games that shaped your childhood, and why?

Thanks for reading 😉