Welcome to The Lingering Lamb.

My name is Logan Smith. I am nineteen years old and have a passion for literature, video games, movies, TV, and other entertainment.

As you can see, I am adored by my two sisters.

Before you read any further, understand that this blog is not an entertainment review website. Although I might write a review here and there, I want this blog to primarily be a website for discussion. I keep my posts short, simple, and creative. And your involvement is encouraged.

I started this blog because I love entertainment, particularly books and video games. ‘Entertainment’ is a broad subject worthy of discussion, and I want this blog to facilitate those conversations.

As a college student, school is my primary focus. But I understand that without free time (blogging), I will EXPLODE! The Lingering Lamb has helped me stay in tune with what I love, and it has given me tremendous relieve from school.

As I said above… This blog is a place for discussion, not merely my opinionated website. Whether you agree, disagree, or simply want to add to my posts, you’re comments are welcomed.

Click the home page to read my newer posts. Or you may browse the categories to view specific posts. But whatever you do, enjoy yourself. 😉

New material is released every Tuesday and Saturday. ENJOY!