36. How to Empathize with Children

I enjoy being with kids.

Throughout High School, I volunteered as a coach/counselor for a camp, teaching kids fundamentals of basketball and the Christian life. After High School, I volunteered in my church as a youth leader.

I’m pleased to inform you that during the month of July, I will be working at Camp Hydaway, a kid’s camp organized by Thomas Road Baptist Church. During the camp, I will be supervising activities and teaching fourth and fifth graders about God. FUN RIGHT?!

I won’t have much free-time, but I will bring a book just in case.

Enders game photo.jpg

I first read Ender’s Game a few years ago, and when I finished, it immediately became one of my favorites. The protagonist, a 6-year-old genius, gets recruited by the government to protect humanity from an alien invasion. Although he bears an enormous responsibility, he still experiences the everyday struggles of a kid.

Considering the atmosphere I’m about to immerse in, I thought Ender’s Game would prove beneficial; I will be surrounded by children.

This might sound crazy, but I believe the more I read children’s books, the easier it is to empathize with kids.

Do you agree with my theory? Or is it actually crazy?


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