19. This Blog Post is Number 19. See On The Left? NINETEEN!

A lot has happened the last three months; yet nothing has happened. Although active in books, my computer, and hours of class, my brain doesn’t feel any smarter than it did when I started school.

I have recently finished my first college semester; and I can honestly say that it was the most boring three months of my life. I didn’t make many friends, and I definitely didn’t take full advantage of the resources I had (completely my fault).

I started this blog because my youth pastor noticed I wasn’t getting enough “Logan Time.” which consists of the things I love to do (reading, video games, ets…) He knew that homework was draining every minute of my time, drawing me closer and closer to MADNESS (slightly overstated). He told me that unless I found some free time, I would explode.

But how can you only read for “a few minutes” per day? In my opinion, a book or video game can only be enjoyed when at least two hours are spent. I knew I didn’t have two hours to spare; it would have been impossible to do that PLUS get good grades.

My solution: spend an hour per week writing about what I wished I could do. Yes, it might not be as fulfilling, but it would suffice.

Fortunately, I survived my first semester with a good GPA and was able to write in this blog (usually) on a normal basis. I’m thrilled that the Lingering Lamb has almost 800 views, and it means a lot that you guys continue to read and take interest.

Now that homework is out of the way (for the next three weeks), I’m free to read and play whatever and whenever I want. …BUT… Despite having all this free time, I’ve decided to continue blogging.

Here are a few things I’m doing:

  • I’m reading 100 Cupboards.


It’s a pretty good book so far. It isn’t Harry Potter or Narnia, but it’s worth it…. I’ll write more on 100 Cupboards soon…

  • I’ve also been playing the Nathan Drake collection for PS4.


I’m almost done with Among Thieves, the second game in the series, and it’s fabulous…


After I finish the Nathan Drake collection, I want to start either Tomb Raider Definitive Edition or Shadow of Mordor. Which one would you guys recommend?



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