18. Character Will Always Beat Visuals

As a kid, I enjoyed Star Wars for its light-saber duels and the super cool thing called the force. In fact, the action was the sole reason I liked the movies…

Episodes I, II, and III naturally contained better action and visuals than the original Star Wars trilogy (duh). But the original trilogy is better at one thing: classic quirky awesomeness.


Yes… When I say classic quirky awesomeness, I’m referring to the numerous scenes with R2-D2 and C3PO and the amazing contrasts between Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker. As fantasy author Brandon Sanderson said, “It is better to have great characters and a dull plot than vice versa.”

I truly believe this is why so many people prefer the original Star Wars trilogy over the new one. Because although the new Star Wars movies have better action and visuals, the original movies have more in-depth character.

I feel like Hollywood is losing its grip on great character development. Instead it is being substituted for action and visuals.

Last night, as I watched Episode IV, I nearly cried due to the lack of choreography. Honestly, the fighting from Episodes I, II, and III are head and shoulders better than the fighting in IV, V, and VI. However, though the choreography stunk, I thoroughly enjoying the movie. But why?

Because visuals will never be able to tell a story as well as a character…


4 thoughts on “18. Character Will Always Beat Visuals

  1. I have often said that a good story consists not of stuff happening, but of characters reacting to stuff happening.

    The Star Wars prequels have terrible characterization, with painfully bad dialogue, inconsistent character development, and the rushed Anakin-Padme romance. The original trilogy does much better with its characters.

    In other news, Star Wars Episode VII is pretty good.

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  2. Adam, I actually just watched VII on Christmas Eve! I thought it was pretty epic, and they even did light saber duels like they did in the original three (little choreography). They definitely pulled it off!


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