16. Master Greenleaf and Two Eager Wizards

I was in the Library the other night, in the restricted section, and I came across something rather odd about a piece of rare magic… But before you get any thoughts… NO! I did not discover how to make a horcrux. My friend and I only found a stack of Magic: The Gathering novels.

I knew that the books were based on a trading card game, but I hadn’t really given the game much thought. After all, trading card games are for nerds… right?



After seeing the stack of books, my friend, whom I will call Edmond Dantes, suggested that we purchase two Magic starter decks, and teach each other how to play.

Slightly skeptical, I agreed…


Magic: The Gathering is basically like chess, but with more strategy. Each card has a different ability, and the player can use the ability to weaken his or her opponent.

A great part about Magic: The Gathering is its focus on fantasy. The art on the cards is beautiful, and the names of the various creatures are very creative (heart-stabber mosquito, it that betrays, eldrazi drone, etc…).

Thankfully, Edmond and I had a friend who mentored us in the ways of Magic. I will refer to him as Master Greenleaf.

Before Master Greenleaf voyaged back home to South America, he graciously taught Edmond and I how to play the game. As beginner wizards, we were unfamiliar with the game’s magical terms… “Mana? Huh? How do you un-tap? And what the heck is a freakin’ UP-KEEP?!” Patient, yet persistent, Master Greenleaf continued to teach us the fantastical ways of the game.

Now, almost three weeks later, I’m beginning to understand why it’s the most popular trading card game in the world.


Hobbies normally come and go… The boring hobbies slip away as our brains adapt to newer and cooler things. Will Magic eventually slip past my interests and become legacy? (pun intended)

I doubt it…


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