12. Why Physical Copies Beat eBooks


With the rapid advancements in technology, books have evolved into something much more than paper and ink. They’ve taken the form of a lighter and much brighter version that satisfies all the lazy moms that can’t get out of the house to buy a physical book. eBOOKS BABAY!

I don’t think electronic books are dominating the literature industry, but I do know it’s playing a critical role in its evolution. E-books are cheaper, easier to access, and are normally more reliable.

Why, then, are so many people still buying physical books? Stories are the same in both its physical and electronic forms, and most everybody has either a smartphone or tablet. So wouldn’t it make more sense to only purchase eBooks?


Here are Three Reasons Why Physical Copies Are Better:

ONE: Physical copies appeal to the senses.

There’s nothing like buying a new book from the local bookstore, reading its flap cover, and then flipping through its pages with eager anticipation.

The scent it carries reminds me of the bookstore, which is my favorite place to be. And the weight of the book assures me that a long, exciting journey awaits between its pages.

TWO: Bookshelves look amazing when bedazzled with bookzes.

My main Christmas present last year was a giant bookshelf. It’s my favorite ornament in my room, and it’s clothed with the finest genres known to man: Adult, YA, and Children’s fantasy, Dystopian, Science Fiction, and a collection of a few creative projects (soon to be revealed).

If reading was only attained through technology, then my room wouldn’t have the literary character that I love.

THREE: Lending and borrowing is easier with physical copies.

One of the greatest joys I have in life is lending books to friends. Lending helps my friends enjoy stories I have enjoyed, and it opens new topics for conversation.

When I let someone borrow a book, I’m constantly asking how the book is coming. “Have you reached the climax yet?” “Can you guess who the murderer is?” Such questions are the doors to unlimited discussions.


I hope I’m not butchering eBooks… They can be helpful in some situations. For example, it’s easier to read at night with an eBook. In a dark room where your sibling is trying to sleep, eBooks help conserve lighting, and annihilate the tediousness of a book light.

So what do you guys think? Which do you prefer? And Why?


6 thoughts on “12. Why Physical Copies Beat eBooks

  1. Real books, definitely. There’s nothing like flipping through the pages of a book! I have an eReader, and I think I’ve read one book on it in the 3 years that I’ve had it. I’ve started reading many, but eBooks just don’t hold my attention as well. Great article! Keep on writing! 🙂


  2. Thanks, little Amy! Real encouragement 🙂

    I personally havnt read too many eBooks either… It’s just not as fulfilling. I got the first three books of the “wheel of time” series as an early Christmas present. I couldn’t imagine reading those huge books on a screen…


    1. Awesome! Let me know how they are! And, yeah, I read Pride and Prejudice as an eBook, and THAT was tough…I like being able to flip back to previous chapters to remind myself of what is going on in the story, and I couldn’t do that. Enjoy your new books!

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