11. Three Things That Make an Action/Adventure Game Great

What makes a video game great? More so, what makes an action/adventure video game great?

As you all know, I recently bought the PlayStation4 Uncharted bundle. The bundle consists of all the Uncharted games: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception. I’ve always heard the Uncharted series was good, but it was until a few days ago that I finally experienced it.


It didn’t take me long to finish Drake’s Fortune. Although the controls were some-what “odd” I can’t deny the brilliance of the game. It took me 6 or 7 hours to complete it, and after I finished, I froze in front of the screen, bewildered.

You guys know that feeling after finishing a good book? The satisfaction I felt after the game was the same: mind-blown and sort of bittersweet (you readers know what I’m talking about).

In my opinion, an action/adventure game needs three things to be great, and Drake’s Fortune had a lot of these:

ONE: Action

No, I’m not just talking about guns, fast cars, and a bunch of explosives (although those are important too). I’m talking about the slow motion action that captures the intensity of a given moment. For example, in Tomb Raider, I get enthralled when Laura Croft jumps off the falling building into the helicopter. It’s a moment in the game where the player is put on the edge of his seat, and hopes for the best.

TWO: Combat

Every action/adventure game has killing (sorry mom).

Personally, I like games that require various types of attacks. Depending on the situation, it might be appropriate to throw grenades into crowds of enemies, or use stealth to take down enemies one by one.

“Unfortunately,” Drake’s Fortune lacked any kind of stealth (which would have been very helpful). Whenever I would kill a bad guy, suddenly the whole neighborhood knew exactly where I was. I’m hoping the other games introduce more options for fighting.

The combat was good, just not great. It’s the only thing (as far as I’m concerned) that prevented it from being an outstanding game.

THREE: Story

Stories are in everything, and I believe it’s the most important part about an action/adventure video game (or video games in general).

Let me explain something: I like playing video games because it’s like reading. When I read, I throw myself into a new world with new people. Likewise, I game to accomplish the same results.


So that’s what I value in action/adventure games… What are other things that make gaming great?

I encourage comments 

2 thoughts on “11. Three Things That Make an Action/Adventure Game Great

  1. I agree with your elements for action game greatness, though I personally would add a couple.

    I think story can be exchanged in some cases for atmosphere. Resident Evil 4, for example, has an atrocious story, but its creepy atmosphere makes up for it. Either way, I agree that an action game needs an element beyond gameplay, whether story or atmosphere, to keep the player immersed.

    The other thing that can make or break an action game is level design. No matter how good its action, combat, or story, a game is ruined by poorly-designed environments.


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