7. Halloween Special


Excluding Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is my favorite holiday. As a five year old, Halloween was an opportunity to eat candy and dress up. In my teen years, it was all about the parties, games, and the impression I could make on others. Now that I’m almost twenty, I’m not sure how to celebrate it… But oh well… I still enjoy the holiday just as much as anyone…

With that, here are my Three Favorite Things about Halloween:

ONE: The Costumes

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to dress up as anything dark (ghost, skeleton, etc…). Instead, my costume normally consisted of a cowboy hat, a bandanna, and a small cap-gun that hung loosely around my waste (yeah… I was cool).

More than anything, though, costumes gave me an opportunity to step into the shoes of another character, and to experience the life of a hero (and get cavities it the process)… Which brings me to #2.

TWO: The Candy

Halloween was the only day when my parents didn’t care how much I ate. As I think back, I’m surprised I never got sick after Halloween. I would eat at least one full bag of candy corn, and still be hungry for more.

THREE: Trigger Treating

The term trick or treat is recognized by many kids as a sacred spell. With it, they can bewitch their neighbors, and bend them to their candy-craving will.

Throughout history, children have pronounced this ancient spell differently. For me, it was pronounced trigger treat For little girls, it was pronounced twick oh tweet.

Only recently have I discovered the true pronunciation of the ancient spell: TRICK OR TREAT. When I came to this realization, I was gravely disappointed, because I realized that my magical ability was only the generosity of my neighbors.


So with that, I leave you to enjoy your Halloween. Whether you trigger treat or attend parties, remember that some kids actually do believe in magic, so play the part.

They will never be this young again… 😉

2 thoughts on “7. Halloween Special

  1. Growing up, I was a ninja nearly every year for Halloween. My costume went from laughably terrible in middle school to fairly decent in college. These days, Halloween is a yearly reminder that I wish I were good at cosplay. 😛


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