6. Fast And Furious 7 and a Lesson of Perseverance

Movies do a lot for people: they enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Although I find more of this through reading or video games, some movies do tend to spark something profound in my soul. What enlightened me about Fast and Furious 7 was the fact that it actually became a movie…

First of all, I’m sorry for delaying this post. I wrote it, then deleted it, then wrote it again. This post was originally going to be a review of Fast and Furious 7, but after some thinking, I decided to change it.

Halfway through filming Fast and Furious 7, one of the main actors died. Paul Walker was 40 years old, and had a 15 year old daughter. His death both jeopardized the continuation of Furious 7 and emotionally destroyed other actors. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Hobbs) said that he cried for hours after hearing of his friend’s death (article from independent.co.uk).

Despite heavy heartache, the actors, directors, and writers continued filming without Walker. They used his double to complete the film, and used CG where necessary. The final result was an outstanding movie.

I experienced something similar during my freshman year of High School when I participated in Alice in Wonderland, the play. The morning of our second performance, our director gathered us together and gave us very sad news. One of our actors, who was only 14 years old, had unexpectedly passed away during the night. Although I wasn’t close friends with Katelynn, I felt the sorrow that lingered with the cast.


We were then faced with a dilemma: should we continue with the play, or cancel?

I remember it distinctly: our director gave us 45 minutes to grieve, then after that, we were to continue. To this day, I don’t know many women stronger than my High School Theatre director. During that time, she acknowledged our loss, but encouraged us to persevere. We were able to continue the show. And the final result was a great play.

I sometimes wonder what it would’ve been like if we’d canceled. After all, quitting is easier…

Paul and Katelynn are now in heaven, but their deaths help grasp an important principle: regardless of circumstances, life goes on. Throughout filming Furious 7, the actors understood that; and throughout the last 3 performances of Alice in Wonderland, I understood it too.

Because of that precious understanding, I am able to overcome other difficult circumstances. If you’re reading this, whether you know me or not, you need to understand how important this principle is. Maybe you received a bad grade on a test; maybe there was even a death in the family. Whatever unfortunate circumstances you are experiencing, remember to ask how you can learn from it, and not to complain because of its occurrence. Having that realization has helped me tremendously, and I want it to help you too.

I encourage comments below. What are some lessons of perseverance that are crucial for daily living? What are some things you have learned from your struggles?

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