4. Essential Readings Before Spring

One of my favorite things to do during break is to read; nothing soothes my weary soul more than a good book (romance novel *cough cough). Ever since starting college, my time has been spent reading boring textbooks :P. I’ve been drooling to dive into the various unread books on my shelf.

I have two 3 credit hour classes out of the way, and now I’m ready to enjoy the rest of my semester with less homework.

Since two huge classes are done, I will be substituting that extra time with these:

ONE: 100 Cupboards series


Honestly, I only bought these books because they were cheap. The covers looked fancy, and I’ve heard positive reviews from the internet and friends.

TWO: The Books of Elsewhere series


I walked into my favorite bookstore, and this caught my eye. The cover clearly depicts a young female stepping into an unknown world. And like her, I want to explore. :0

THREE: Magic the Gathering: Lorwyn book 1


I’ve seen the cards EVERYWHERE! Other than Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering seems to be the best. Honestly, I know anything about Magic: The Gathering, but since my friend suggested it, I feel obligated (but excited).

FOUR: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


A friend of mine (whose fantastic artistry is the logo for this blog) said that until I read LOTR, then I didn’t deserve the title of fantasy lover. As this statement brought me to tears, I contemplated her reasoning. She was right. The Lord of the Rings is what shaped modern fantasy, and without reading the trilogy, my title of fantasy lover would be quite hollow :’(.

FIVE: A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones


Before I bought the series, I quickly read the prologue from A Game of Thrones. It made me want to hurry and read the rest. George R. R. Martin blew me away with his intense writing ability, making even the blandest of scenes feel real and exciting.

There is one problem, however… I’ve asked fans about the series, and they’ve said that the books are nothing short of EXPLICIT. So with enthusiasm—and caution—I will inch my way through the first book.


There are a few other books I plan on reading before the Spring Semester. But for starters, I think I’ll get going on these.

Until my next post, I want to know what books you guys are reading (or want to be reading). HEHE!

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2 thoughts on “4. Essential Readings Before Spring

  1. The Lord of the Rings is the defining classic of modern fantasy. It can be really slow, but patient readers are rewarded with a superb story set in an incredibly vast, fascinating world. Tolkien’s influence on the contemporary fantasy genre can’t be overstated. Many have imitated him, but I believe none have surpassed him.

    (I’m kind of a Tolkien fanatic. You may have noticed.)

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  2. I completely agree, Adam. I’ve read the Hobbit twice, but haven’t jumped into the LOTR yet.

    I sometimes wonder what kind of reaction people got when LOTR was published. I wonder how similar it was to when Harry Potter came out.

    “Magic… Uhh… What’s that?” haha!


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