3. Breaking Bad: Observation on the Ending (spoilers)

Instead of aimlessly waiting for the sixth season of the Walking Dead to premier, my father and I decided to watch AMC’s second most popular show: Breaking Bad.


At first, we were skeptical, unsure if Breaking Bad would deliver as much drama as the Walking Dead. But as the episodes flew by, we began to get hooked. Peaceful family evenings quickly turned into late night madness. With compelling characters, dramatic plot twists, and a whole lot of the blue stuff, Breaking Bad exceeded our expectations.

At first, Walter White was my favorite character. During the fifth season, however, as Walter slowly became a menacing, cold-blooded murderer, Jesse Pinkman became my new favorite. Of all the characters, Jesse had the most consistent standards. And as the fifth season progressed, I began rooting for him, and against Walt.

As the episodes got deeper with conflict, I couldn’t imagine how the writers could craft a satisfying ending. Honestly, I feared the worst: Walt’s family would die, Jesse would die, and the millions of dollars earned would be taken by the feds.

However, the final episode closed all major plot points in a satisfying manner. Yes, Walter died, but appropriate closer was presented before his death: he reconciled with his wife, he rescued Jesse (with flair) from a terrible imprisonment, and he even found a way to give his millions to his kids.

One of the best parts about the ending was the loose ends. Every great story resolves major plot points, and leaves some minor plot points open. This gives the viewers an opportunity to explore the story in their imaginations.

HOWEVER, one minor plot point that should have been resolved was Jesse’s future… His final scene was of him speeding away to who-knows-where. Maybe it’s different for some fans, but since Jesse was my favorite character, I was hoping for some clarification on his future. Was he going to visit Brock? Was he going to cook again? IDK! I wish the writers would have given Jesse a clearer, happier ending, especially since they killed off his girlfriend unexpectedly.

But what do you guys think about the ending? What were some other minor plot points that left fans hanging?

Thanks for reading, and have an A-ONE day… 😉

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